Пульмонологическое отделение

Pulmonary Division

The Division specializes in diagnosis and treatment of patients with bronchopulmonary diseases, both urgently and routinely through the portal of the Hospitalization Bureau.

Patients with the following conditions are hospitalized in the Division:

  • abscess pneumonia;
  • pneumonia complicated by exudative pleurisy;
  • polycystic lung disease;
  • bronchiectasis;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • severe bronchial asthma.


Patients admitted to the Division can undergo the following diagnostic and treatment studies:

  • -plain chest radiographs;
  • -bronchological examination;
  • pleural punctures with the introduction of broad-spectrum antibiotics;
  • spirography;

- plasmapheresis, blood ultraviolet irradiation;

- inhalation with bronchodilators;

- physiotherapy, exercise therapy;

- hyperbaric oxygenation;

- consulting assistance to patients with bronchopulmonary diseases.